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Our Great Event

A little information about our event and 2018 event details.

You will find links at the bottom of this page for more specific 2018 event information.


Adelaide Zombie Walk is proud to have SAVERS AUSTRALIA as our Platinum Sponsor again for 2018. Visit their stores to perfect your 2018 Zombie look!


FOODBANK SA is our charity partner. Please bring a monetary donation or non-perishable food items on the and support those in need within the local community.


We are an established Adelaide Event with a 9 year history of community service, local dedication, and providing Adelaide the best free event of it's kind.


We will have some make-up / sfx arists and face painters on site to apply your zombie look. Keep in mind they are always very busy & spaces are limited. (We do not reserve positions prior to the event).


Be sure to enter our Best Dressed competitions starting at 5pm. You must purchase a Foodbank Wristband to enter. Great prizes over 3 categories.


Purchase your 2018 Foodbank Wristband @ Savers stores or at the event. They are only $10 and all proceeds go directly to supporting the community and you get discounts & specials all over the city!

@ The Event


Welcome to Adelaide Zombie Walk


Event Start: 3pm / Best Dressed Comp Start: 5pm / Walk Start: 7pm / Event Close: 9pm

The Adelaide Zombie Walk is a FREE Community event working in partnership with Savers Australia & raising funds for Foodbank SA to support those in need within our local community. We ask and encourage participants to bring a voluntary financial donation and / or non-perishable food item(s) along to our event to donate to Foodbank SA who will be on-site to accept any donations.

Make sure you buy a $10 Foodbank SA wristband from SAVERS stores prior to the walk, or at the event on the day. Wearing a wristband will not only allow you entry into the best dressed competitions, it will also entitle the wearer to some great discounts and specials on the day / night of the walk.

We are pleased to have DJ JOSH back again for the full 2018 event, to lay down the beats that will make even the dead rise to dance!

On the day of the event, there will be plenty of Food Vendors, Market Stalls, an ATM, Savers Australia, the AZW Info tent, Foodbank SA and much more.....

Stay tuned for updates and more event news as we get closer to event day.





Event Rules & Etiquette

In attending the Zombie Walk, participants agree to abide by the Rules & Etiquette.

These have been put into place to ensure that everyone has a good time, both Zombies and citizens alike.

First and foremost, all Zombies must respect the City of Adelaide and refrain from entering any public premises without permission.

Zombies must be mindful of their actions (and make-up) so that they do not smear, stain, cause damage to, destroy or vandalize any person or property. Please keep your fake blood and make-up to yourself.

Zombies must not block doorways or impede businesses & homeowners.

Zombies must also respect others personal space by refraining from touching anyone who is not participating in the Zombie Walk or harassing anyone that wishes to be left alone.

Zombies must always stop "attacking" someone when asked to, especially children. Our safe word is, BANANAS. If someone should say this to you then please leave them alone and move on. It means they are scared and wish for you to move away.

Zombies must obey all traffic laws, city ordinances and authorities at all times. If asked to disperse, they must do so immediately.

There will be absolutely NO alcohol or illegal substances tolerated during our event.

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Dogs must remain on a lead and be supervised at all times.

We have a clear NO WEAPONS policy, if you bring a "toy weapon" it must be clearly defined as such. SAPOL have every right to confiscate anything they deem a hazard.



Event News


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Wristband Specials

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Entertainment & Vendors

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Adelaide Zombie Walk FAQ

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